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Elegant, exclusive and refined, Thot Gioielli SS21 Collection is the result of inspiration, devotion and love. The patient work on the ancient brass filigree, which we carefully select among the stocks of goldsmiths, is exclusively entrusted to the excellence of italian masters.

The tecnique of low melting microfusion, that we have chosen to produce our jewelry, guarantees finesse of design and superior texture and, simultaneously, gives life to compact models of high sculptural value. The work of revivification and finishing turn every single item into a work of art and soul to wear as a tailored suit.

Thot Gioielli SS21 Collection is unique and precious and is the perfect choice for the woman who wants to give voice, style and character to her uniqueness. The mix of materials, design and color makes Thot Gioielli jewels essential pieces suitable for any situation.

Photography: Stefano Facca
Beauty: Fabio Bresciani
Model: Adriana Donica