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“The case doesn’t exist. It’s just the name given to an unknown law.”
Sixth Principle of Thoth-Hermes

As daughter of a collector of antique jewelry, Susanna Lissignoli, designer of Thot Gioielli, has cultivated since her childhood passion and attraction to sparkling stones and metals. Her travels and her studies of art and fashion gave her another great love: the one for the history and for the costume.

Her working in the family business, gave her the chance to get to know the world of entrepreneurship, so, in 2010 Susanna changed her life and created Thot Gioielli. Her inspiration comes from her passion for  jewels and for ancient beauty: her creations recall the splendor of cathedrals, basilicas and palaces, becoming veritable architectural details to wear. Susanna’s  bet  is also on the quality, guaranteed by the cohoperation with exclusively Italian goldsmith and by the use of vintage materials, often unique.

Starting from 2018 Thot gioielli collaborates with some of the most important international fashion brands.