Jewels of soul

Conscious and deep, emancipated and animated by the need of  an expression of her individuality, today's woman is no longer satisfied. She’s not satisfied by the bijoux de fantasie, status symbol of the masses, and not even by the bijoux de couture, fine answer to the fashion forefront.

The answer to this feeling is a new generation of jewels for the woman who wants to leave an indelible mark. These are jewels in which the work of research and design leaves free space to the expression of goldsmiths hands, giving to each creation an exclusive taste of rare piece and, in many cases, unique. Bijoux d'Ame,  Jewelry of Soul.

Is this the star under which arise all the jewels branded Thot.
When a woman meets and recognizes the jewel of her Soul, it becomes the expression of its sophisticated intimate, a must-have that witch, charms and talks about itself. And you, which jewel are you?